The Venue

The Venue

A little luxury? Don’t mind if we do

Black Pens 2022 will be held in the picturesque Wasing Estate – a stunning rural and tranquil setting committed to sustainability. You’re looking to do  lady of the manor? Then look no further.

Whether it’s sauna and swim at the lake, mushroom foraging for our treehuggers in beautiful woodland, or the sight and scent of summer blooms in the manicured gardens, Wasing has something for everyone. 

Sauna and Swim

Recline in your finest satin pyjamas or throw that hair up in the most boisterous of bonnets, because every bedroom boasts bespoke design within an elegant historical setting. They also benefit from sustainable heating and hot water, using a bio-mass boiler with the wood coming from Wasing’s land. Sleep well knowing that your presence is actually helping the environment. Wow, look at you. So benevolent.


And that is definitely not all.

With an outstanding executive chef and everything on the menu from scallops and wild venison to jerk chicken and crayfish, Wasing guarantees options to fulfil every palate and cater to all dietary needs. Wasing Farm has achieved organic status and offers the freshest ingredients not only from its very own land but also from established local producers and neighbouring counties.

Fine dining? Yep. Wood fired pizza oven? Well, duh. Street food? Got that too. Your taste buds are about to be achieve Nirvana. 

Food at Wasing
Food at Wasing
Food at Wasing
Food at Wasing

Sample Retreat Menu


Toasted sourdough, crushed avocado, poached eggs, tomato chilli and coriander salsa


Vegan dark chocolate avocado cake with chocolate frosting


Quinoa, pomegranate seeds, cucumber and mint


Tacos with Teriyaki grilled salmon, kimchi, garlic mayonnaise and crispy shallots


Chilli, lime, ginger and soy sauce sautéed king prawns with Asian noodle salad and coriander salsa


Grilled pineapple with crushed roasted almonds and vegan vanilla ice-cream


Amongst the frivolities, we will be gently prodding each other in the direction of progress, and Wasing also provides excellent and more importantly, comfortable facilities to make this happen. Not only will we work, but we will be doing it in style. Form and function over here, please.

Stables Lodge meeting room
Stables Bar and Lounge

So what are we saying? Basically, you want to be here. This is one case where FOMO needs to come and hoist you by your pant. You do not want to be gazing longingly at the tweets of others while at home oiling your two-strand twists. You want to be here with us, making friends and connections, running through the woods like a deer, knocking back a signature cocktail, making strides with your work, and forging memories.


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