Terms & Conditions


In order for the retreat registration to be confirmed, the payment schedule set out in the pricing and payment of the Black Pens website must be followed. If the correct payments in the payment schedule are not received in the correct timeframes on their respective due dates, or any other provision in the terms and conditions is violated, Black Pens reserves the right to immediately terminate the agreement and cancel the registration.

Booking confirmation

Once the Initial Payment (deposit or entire amount) has been received according to the payment schedule above, the attendee’s place will be secured at the 2025 retreat. Confirmation will be sent on receipt of payment.

Changes and cancellation made by attendee

A confirmed attendee can cancel registration at any time and this must be done in writing by emailing onyi@black-pens.com

If an attendee wishes to cancel their booking, the following cancellation policy shall apply:

If cancellation is made:

  • Within a month of the initial payment (deposit or full amount) being made, the entire initial payment will be refunded
  • Within a two weeks after the second payment has been made, the second payment will be refunded. The deposit will not be refunded
  • Within a week after the final payment has been made, the final payment will be refunded. The second payment and deposit will not be refunded

Following payment of the initial payment, if failure to complete any subsequent payments takes place, the attendee forfeits the initial payment and their place will be cancelled.

Medical conditions

Attendees have a responsibility to inform Black Pens of any existing medical conditions (including mental health conditions) that require adjustment or accessibility considerations. Attendees are responsible for bringing and administering any required medication.


Black Pens strongly recommends that attendees have travel, medical, third-party liability and repatriation insurances prior to the trip. Black Pens and Mimosa Retreat do not offer insurances and shall not be held liable in their absence.

Injury and safety

Black Pens, Mimosa Retreat and its employees, the Property Owner, the Property Staff and the Service Providers cannot be held liable towards the attendees for any accident or injury occurred during your stay under any circumstances.

The venue owners and Black Pens prioritises attendees safety and will do what is logical and humanly possible to safeguard it. Under no circumstances will Black Pens or the property owners be held responsible for sickness, injury or death resulting from accidents or Acts of God during the course, or subsequent to, the 2025 retreat.

Black Pens, Mimosa Retreat and its employees, the Property Owner, the Property staff and the Service Providers cannot be held liable towards attendees for any loss or misplacement of valuables left in the property during the 2025 retreat.

Attendees are fully responsible for any valuables left at the property. Black Pens and Mimosa Retreat shall not be responsible for any valuables left or for any potential losses. Doors should be locked, safes used, and suitable care taken against theft and burglary. Attendees should ensure that all doors, shutters and windows are closed and locked when leaving the accommodation or at night. In the event of any theft or damage occurring through negligence the owner reserves the right to request compensation from attendees for any goods stolen that belong to the property.

In the case that attendees have to vacate the property owing to a burglary, no refund shall be given, unless evidence exists of the owner’s failure to familiarize you with the anti-burglary systems in the accommodation.


If in Black Pens’ or Mimosa Retreat’s reasonable opinion or that of any other person in authority, any attendee behaves in a manner, which causes or is likely to cause danger, excessive disturbance (i.e. to neighbours), damage to the property, or acts in breach of these Terms & Conditions, this agreement may be terminated immediately and that attendee(s) shall be asked to leave the property. Under these circumstances, the attendee(s) shall not receive any refund and you shall be fully liable for any expenses incurred as a result of their behaviour.

Attendees are expected to use common sense and caution, be sensible with alcohol consumption and behave in an orderly fashion. Attendees are expected not to jeopardise the integrity of the buildings and structures, expose them to fire, flammables, or pressurised liquids (e.g.; scuba tanks, oxygen bottles, liquified gas bottles, etc). In the event such damage occurs, the attendee(s) in question will be held legally liable for damages and charges will be brought through the Greek Judicial System.

During the hours of 14:30 and 18:00 it is Greek siesta time. Even though the property does not have direct or close neighbours, guests are expected to use common sense and not bother neighbours by making excessively loud noise or playing very loud music during the hours of (14:30 to 18:00 and 23:00 to 08:00). The property owner will exert his/her right to terminate the lease immediately without any reimbursement if official complaints are received due to noise or drunk and disorderly conduct at ANY TIME.